Navy Shark Loose Fit Full Zip


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Bape Tiger Hoodie

Remember Kanye’s Bape Tiger hoodie from the Bape lookbook? Originally released at the Bape store in Aoyama to the delight of over 1400 people. As soon as pictures started appearing on the internet, the full zip sweatshirt displaying a tiger on the hood gained a lot of attention.

Bape Culture


Situated in the heart of Tokyo, one of the leading fashion hubs of the world, Nowhere Co., Ltd. strives to introduce Japanese fashion culture to the world. Since the brand’s establishment in 1993, it has remained as a symbol of street fashion for more than 29 years. Thus far, it has produced iconic design items, original patterns and characters such as “APE HEAD”, “BAPE® CAMO”, “BAPE STA™”, “SHARK HOODIE” and “BABY MILO®” etc.


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